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About Me

•   13 years of experience in UI-UX, Visual Design and Art Direction in 4 countries

•   Dynamic and well-travelled with a great sense of aesthetics

•   Autonomous with an ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

•   Distills complex problems, using out-of-the-box approaches, into simple and elegant solutions

•   User’s advocate with a goal to solve their problems and enrich their lives

•   Obsessed with attention to detail and only believes in creating stunning visuals

•   Loves collaborating with people

•   Exceptional work ethic and commitment to organizational objectives

•   Proactive time and space manager, team builder and tactical planner with an ability to face challenges head-on and execute sound decisions

Brands I've worked on


Skills & Approach

I'm skilled in digital product design, arts, and interior design, showcasing a versatile range of creative talents. I blend user-centered interface design with artistic flair, giving a distinctive touch to each project.


My knack for crafting functional yet visually appealing spaces adds depth to my expertise. This fusion of skills lets me bring fresh and captivating ideas to the table across different fields.

Case Studies

A compilation of my case studies highlighting the products I've brought to life.


These case studies provide a walkthrough of steps of the design process, gaining insights into how each product took shape and came to life.


It's an exploration of creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.

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