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Who I am

I'm Caroline Dejeneffe, a french award-winning artist with 15+ years of experience in product design and creative direction. I bring a unique perspective to the intersection of human interaction, space, technology, and the arts.

My multi-disciplinary expertise enables me to create engaging and meaningful experiences across various disciplines.

I've collaborated with major brands in digital product design, while also creating immersive art installations featured in prestigious exhibitions and venues worldwide.

Vision & Goal

Continuously driven to expand my skill set and embrace new challenges, my wide-ranging expertise empowers me to seamlessly collaborate with various stakeholders, blending insights from marketing, management, research, design, and development.


This stage of my career finds me excited to merge my skills in product design and space interaction design, crafting experiences that hold profound significance. These experiences transcend standalone moments, evolving into connections that seamlessly integrate individuals with their surroundings.


My overarching goal is to create connections that stir authentic emotions, ignite engagement, and ultimately enrich lives by harmonizing contemporary digital product designs and immersive experiences with client aspirations and industry best practices.

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