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Ready for my next
challenge  to enhance 
our human experience.
The digital way.

Award-winning artist with 13+ years of experience in product design and creative direction.

I bring a unique perspective to the intersection of human interaction, space, technology, and the arts.

My multi-disciplinary expertise enables me to create engaging and meaningful experiences 
across various disciplines.

Product Design  Interactive Creative Direction 
Space Interaction Design   Design Strategy

User Experience Design   Visual Arts

Creative Initiatives  

I Question, I Learn, I Solve, I Collaborate, I Design,  
I Enhance people's lives.

•   13 years of experience in UI-UX, Visual Design and Art Direction in 4 countries

•   Dynamic and well-travelled with a great sense of aesthetics

•   Autonomous with an ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

•   Distills complex problems, using out-of-the-box approaches, into simple and elegant solutions

•   User’s advocate with a goal to solve their problems and enrich their lives

•   Obsessed with attention to detail and only believes in creating stunning visuals

•   Loves collaborating with people

•   Exceptional work ethic and commitment to organizational objectives

•   Proactive time and space manager, team builder and tactical planner with an ability to face challenges head-on and execute sound decisions

Case Studies

A compilation of my case studies highlighting the products I've brought to life.


These case studies provide a walkthrough of steps of the design process, gaining insights into how each product took shape and came to life.


It's an exploration of creativity, problem-solving, and innovation


Clients &

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